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Et vous, vous écrivez comment ?

le Dim 23 Sep - 12:33
Bonjour à tous !

En proie à des difficultés à écrire depuis déjà un bon moment, et de plus en plus prononcées, je cherche à trouver comment faire pour passer outre ceci ! J'ai déjà posé la question sur le Discord et je sais que chaque technique est personnelle mais il me semble intéressant que pour les gens qui ont une vraie technique, de vraies façons de faire avec un modus operandi ou des conseils, nous ayons un sujet pour les partager : Cela ne peut qu'aider tout le monde il me semble !

Donc voilà, si j'en trouve je les partagerai ici aussi, je vous invite à le faire si vous en avez envie I love you


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Re: Et vous, vous écrivez comment ?

le Dim 23 Sep - 20:22

je sais que je procède en plusieurs étapes :

Je lis la réponse de mon/mes partenaires
je relis ma réponse précédente
je cherche une musique qui correspond à l'ambiance du sujet
je relis
je commence à écrire
si ça ne me plait pas je copie colle sur un fichier et je réécris tout jusqu'à ce que ça me plaise
et ej relis et les trois dernier messages pour voir si ça marche bien
et je finis par poster

Les murs ont des oreilles
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Re: Et vous, vous écrivez comment ?

le Mar 25 Sep - 5:15
After discussing with Anhydre, we got some ideas: Very Happy (from the bond to technique)
For me, the first and the most important thing is you have to know your character very well and love him or her, no matter it’s a good or bad person. Knowing your character thoroughly can both help you get muse much much much easily, since you know the possibility he/she might do/think and make you be willing to think/have his/her story. To be honest, I often make fun of Anhydre every time when she got something stupid hahahha(maybe, I am laughing at myself) , which is a bit different from writing Coi’s post (and I assumed I may get the same writing difficulty as you when Coi is in my hand singly…)
I have a quite weird habit is talking to her... CRAZY bounce (another way of choosing, you can say.)
Such as:
[A fire ball is chasing after her, a pressing moment…]
I: Hey, Anhydre, you’re going to be attacked! A fireball is behind!
Anhydre: Run!!! Dodge!!! Flat myself!!! Or fight it back to the panther-man!!!
(After a while of thinking…)
I: But I want you to stay and resist it, maybe to death!
Anhydre: What the hell, NOOOOOOOOO…….wayyyyyyyyy!
I: Cuz that would be funnier and interesting… and more like you.
Anhydre: (speechless)
(Anyway, she can do nothing to me)
So, I typed and she did it, hahahahaha…
Second one is to catch the feeling, which is also rather crucial to me! When I read the response at the first time, I rarely focus on how I am going to reply it but on FEELING and EMOTION, like getting yourself at the first time, as your character, being punched(Damn!) or hit by warm words(OMG!) or look at something disgusting or amuse by someone… The first feeling is the most fresh and cannot retrieve since it’s gone or when you reread it. Once you get it, you have to remember it… until you finished your post. And usually, I read the reply in detail at the second, third time…
In addition, I will ask myself: what will I do? or how I feel? (a hunch)in my first read.
Third, I will do my best to reply the post as soon as possible if I got any idea or anything I want to write before the feeling is gone. Haha, feeling to me is really important and let me emphasize it again(Also, I will jot down any flashing idea. That moment is priceless!) ^^
However, during my lack of idea period, I will put it aside but still let it run when I am free… if muse really abandons me like for 5 days or longer, I’ll assume it as a hypothesis and go to ask someone, maybe my classmates… if unfortunately, I am sure muse truly threw me into a trash can, get no precious idea in my brain, I will ask my partner does he/she have any idea for the following storyline or why he/she wrote that… it might be spoiled but maybe, it can spark another colorful lightness; really, something it’s just because too free to write something haha…
Nevertheless, often, what I wrote in the end is different from what I thought or muse told me… Miraculously, sitting in front of the computer and typing the keyboard will usually (or almost every time) lead me to another path and farewell my original thinking...While as I stare at my empty page and don’t know how to write it from the start for half an hour or more, I will try to get some short sentences or put myself in that world much deeper: what Anhydre may see, she may feel, she may heard, like that… force to think. And what made me annoyed the most is: I know everything but I cannot describe it on point in English. Under that condition, I would like to kill myself, or so does Anhydre. Hahaha…
As for music, it helps me get into that circumstance and emotion but to me, it helps much when I got something to write than finding ideas in it…
Last but not least, the most, most…. also important is silence! My train of thought will tumble at anytime if noise came to me and Anhydre will be just hanging in the air… followed by inconsistent sentences. Music is part of sound… so I pause it, write, pause it, write.^^
Hope the post can help you, even just a little little little bit. bit. bit!^^
(For Coi, hahahaha, I don’t know whether it suits him or not. I have not much experience in him… still at figuring stage cyclops )

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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Re: Et vous, vous écrivez comment ?

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