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le Lun 12 Mar - 6:27
-Remember, you cannot hold sand too tight-

 About ME-

•  Age: 13
• Gender: female
• Made of sand, one of element.
• First impression: Rudeness, impoliteness, illogical, brat...
• The most beautiful thing to me: The first time
• Proud of myself: I can penetrate everywhere I want as long as wind exists

 Biggest enemy: WATER

      I have done-

                   1                                      [Unknown 171208-180312]/Béhékine

        No in, no out,               Wind brought me in but fire cast me out...
     What's door?                            If we didn't meet each other, would it be better for both of us?
       No question,                        >LINK:
        and answer,                        
    What's wrong?               

I’m deadly sure I am not a talky person but he was the one I couldn’t help myself bickering with. Maybe, it’s related to his identity, a demon of mist, also one of element. Thanks to it, we share some common places. He is good at all kind of magic, which is like tag-on service in real life, and I just hate its unlimited abilities. (Magic could explain everything!) Surprisingly, I found he is not a cold-blooded person, but just loves acting careless and pretends nothing can shock him. What kind of person would block himself in the room without the wind, ironically, he is a mist! … Until now, I still can’t figure out, a quite rare scene and weird of him. Also, he told me he is a slave. A free one, I think. One day, I must find it out, not in a name of intruder. Sadly, just when I thought he was not as vicious as water, he overthrew it at once… DAMN! Put the fire on me, what a good friend you are!
Probably, we are so unknowable, even to ourselves.

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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