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Re: Not Anymore.

le Ven 8 Juin - 7:47
Numb and senseless.
Nothing was everything.
No struggling, no moving, no thinking and moving, no threat.
No longer was potion a danger to her. EVER AFTER. 
So, was she dead? Not really…
Her rebellion was on its post- living for not dying, even though everything to her was already lifeless. She wouldn’t surrender; even that meant losing all her feeling to this world.
And there was a place left for her obstinate. Not a big space, just her LEFT EYE. Before the potion submerging the head, a power stung around her left eye, the same feeling as the masked man put the spell on her. As if there were a hand covering up the eye all along, eliminating every chance that water could penetrate in , which was damned painful, until the magic surrounded it with a full protection.
After that, only through her eyeball, a tiny bit of… message could she get, numbly.
Potion deep moment potion deep moment potion deep moment potion deep sound of water flow wave the water two up and down dive in and out move back and forth behind up and around two dark black candle out deeper deeper deeper gulp gulp gulp gooloo gulp gulp gulp goolooo lower lower lower lower from the depths comes the bride of tides…………together they are the seeker of truth PURE sea retreating ten-story high hill formed water stop tsunami or WAVE PUDDLE hi-hi-hicupp anhydre a pat anhydre a grasp.
A twist! Sea water-

         DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Claws plundered to the beach, like grabbing prays brutally, chasing everything front from behind. Clenching the ground vertically, on that spot- SPLASH- water crawled forward aggressively, scooped up down deep of sand ground and then a PUSH! Wiping everything out, wave bounced itself, leading lines of white blades. The thundering crash sound-----roaring---- even sprays let out shrill screams.
While, however deafen the sound seemed to be or marvelous view should be, to Anhydre was- WAVE. Simply a wave.
Following a wave was SHAKE. Just shakes. To her.
At the top spot, water gave a direct spike, like an attack in volleyball, quick-set kill, soon swarming in the masked man’s openings, every “entrance” connected to heart. Like a mini tsunami happening in his body, almost every organ was broken through, mixing with blood and flesh. Vessels bombarded like tunneling. Bones like bridges collapsed. A hard push of water move gave huge shakes inside… and suddenly-
Water broke in the “space”, flooding in with strong force. The wall smashed.
Great amount of water hit on Anhydre’s body straightly.
Thanks to her heaviness, she didn’t pump to-
Something hit on the other side of wall.
-the wall
At the first hit of bulk water, her eyeball started to roll… as if water were its remote control, changing the channel, and stopped as it detected another signal… the same one, another self on the beach. Decryption!
Soaking in another pool of water, Anhydre could FEEL the potion inside her body flew out, releasing the “tense” of mushy sand, which was “washed” by water. The more the potion was diluted and carried away, the lighter she felt. Both feeling and consciousness were installed back in a flash. Memories!
What’s more, this time was totally not like before, even different from the moment she was robbed in. She felt “cleaner” than ever. That “pure” was she hadn’t experienced before since her born. Ever!
More to say, her body construction was rearranged, seemed to reborn again- getting denser, dryer, finer. Although she was still around the water, she didn’t feel unease or painful or nearly choked.
After fighting water with water, Water-proof Anhydre poof!
Energy came back…
Memories set up…
Consciousness lodged in…

Behekine? That chant.

Even though everything went well in her body, Anhydre still couldn't move, except for her head and neck. Highly possibly, the other body parts got too much harm and hit he ground straightly. It might take time to recover the operation of "muscle"

Light Green-blue water flew up and down. Opening her eyes under the water and turned to another side, she saw Coi was also there and another "lightened  creature" on his face.

Why are they here? How did they get inside?
PUMP! Both of them had been here for a while and water rushed in that broken the wall so they pumped to the wall! And the hand covered her eyes would be one of them right?!

Failing to say a word, failing to move an inch, only one thing she could do was- staring at them.
Under the water, she could sense the masked-man’s pulse tapping on her skin… very feeble. 

Is he in coma?

Then, the space beginning…

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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Re: Not Anymore.

le Lun 11 Juin - 14:29
The sand-girl was lying down, not reacting to the boy’s attempts to wake her up. Bob looked at his face, curious with the emotions it showed, but somewhat unfazed by the whole situation.
Then, just like his four brothers knew what Behekine was about to do, Bob knew what would soon come to them, even in this peculiar pocket of space within space. The link he shared with the Demon of Mist was absolute, and couldn’t be shattered nor affected by a petty thing like dimensionnal transitions.
So Bob knew that a tsunami enhanced by magic was about to crash down on the masked-man, and would certainly invade their space too. Remembering that the boy obviously didn’t like being wet, the summon descended from his perch and leaned against the wall to get support before launching himself at the boy !
But he was not like his brothers, and his physical abilities were lacking compared to them. He missed his initial mark – the boy’s chest – and landed on Coi’s face instead.
Water. Everywhere, coming from all sides, whirling, cleaning, cleansing, as if they were stuck inside a working washing-machine. The shield of foam and bubble Bob created starting from the boy’s face was akin to a silk cocoon, sticking them to the wall behind. It was solid enough to protect them from the water’s wrath at least.

Finally, water calmed down, turning the room into a waist-deep pool. Bob let go of the boy, letting the foam shield dissipate itself. The little summon stood there, slightly floating above water like a cloud of mist.
With foam still in his hair and face, the boy looked like he was wearing a white wig, like nobles of ancient times. Turning his unblinking gaze to the sand-girl that seemed fine, even if stuck on the ground, Bob gave her a small hand gesture « Hi ».
Suddenly, the room tilted to the side, like a sunking ship. Water inside followed the inclination change, still showing where was up and where was down.
Then, he felt a tug on the link that attached him to Behekine…
Maybe it was time to abandon this ship, and get to the lifeboat. Bob held out his hands to the sand-girl and the boy, looking like a child asking for his parents to hold hands. The tug repeated, becoming more insistant by the second, and a spasm shot through his misty form.
When the sand-girl didn’t reach for his hand with her own, Bob tilted his head to the side, confused. What was wrong with her ? Yes, her body was more pile of sand than limbs, but that didn’t stop HIM from moving around, cloud of condensed mist that he was.
Bob looked at the boy, his unblinking eyes full of questions. Then, a voice resonated around them :

- The space you’re in will soon collapse. I can maintain it for now, but not for long. I suggest you grab Bob fast and brace yoursleves… i’ll reel you out of here.


The tsunami hit the beach like the fist of a titan, aimed at the masked-man’s position, but reaching far more ground around that. The coil of mist that tied him to the ground disappeared at the contact of water, but that didn’t mean he could move, anchored to the ground by the weight of the wave that fell on him.
The ocean invaded the beach, and climbed the cliff up to the sky, ending in a beautiful tower of water that shone with sunlight, before coming down in rain. Water that couldn’t make it to the cliff ended up running on the beach instead in a whirling torrent.
Behekine stood his ground, entirely submerged, his claws sunk deep in the sand, his eyes locked on the masked-man. The Demon’s mastery in water magic helped him to endure the ocean’s assault, bending the currents around him to avoid being thrown away like nothing. Behekine felt the purification water on his fur, tingling, sparkling, like inquisitive fairies. He had nothing to fear from it.
The masked-man, however…
With his vision spell still active, he could see that entire chunks of the man seemed to be washed away by the current, his Essence escaping his body, diluting in the power-enhanced water. His body stayed whole, but the process still looked absolutely painful, if Behekine believed in the man’s expression, stuck in a mask of anguish and suffering.

A few steps from there, the four summons too, stood their ground. They were encircling the two immobile childs, hands held to share their strengths.
The shield they created with their sparks of power endured the first hit of the wave perfectly, and was now submerged, shining below the surface in pale blue light like a fell moon. It was like a small capsule, just big enough for the six of them. They couldn’t see what was happening outside, and could just hear the sound of water moving along the barrier.
The water was running around them in chaotic motions, and the four summons needed their full concentration to sustain the shield strong enough to resist the flow.
They were good with keeping their focus on one task.
Except Screechy. Who was shaking, more and more, until he couldn’t stay still any longer :
- Screeeeeeee !
The scream tore apart the group’s focus, and a crack appeared on the shield, then another crack, then another…
Itchy and Bitey were the fastest to react. Breaking the circle, they threw Scratchy to the childs. It took half a second for the startled summon to understand what his brothers wanted, then he grabbed the boy and the sand-girl in his oversized hands.
Itchy tore a spine from his back, used his powers to turn it into a long javelin of pure mist before planting it in the sand like a flagpole. Bitey grabbed Scratchy’s legs in his jaws and took hold of the pole, just as the shield cracked for good, collapsing on them all, water right behind.
They braced for impact, and endured the impact of the flow rushing in. They held to the pole, their chain keeping the childs from being sent away with the current. Screechy flew around, with a joyful and bubbly « Screeeeeeeeee ! » indicating the summon felt like a child in a waterslide.
Itchy tried to grab his noisy brother, but he went out of reach too fast.
Finally, the flow calmed down a bit, and they were able to swim to the surface, using the two childs as buoy to climb on.

The beach was still submerged, and the purification water, heavier than normal one and more visquous, would need some time to go back to the ocean. The tsunami chased away the cloud of mist Behekine had conjured there, and the sun was shining brightly on them, reverberating rays of lights turning into rainbows that danced right below the surface.
Behekine now stood in waist-deep water, drenched but perfectly safe. His eyes moved to the side to see the three summons working together to keep the childs afloat, heads and all, before returning his gaze to the masked-man.
The sight was not pretty. Already bruised, his flesh was now dried up like an old mummy. He looked thirty years older, if not more. The purification water had cleaned him of all trace of this potion, and it seemed that he had got a lot of it in him. He was still alive, which was impressive considering the harsh treatment he just received, but he was clearly unconscious too.
When his enhanced vision noticed that the different spaces inside the man’s body started to shrivel down and disappear one after another, he reached for the link he shared with Bob, tugging slightly on it before speaking aloud :

- The space you’re in will soon collapse. I can maintain it for now, but not for long. I suggest you grab Bob fast and brace yoursleves… i’ll reel you out of here.

On a beau avoir étudié la magie pendant près d'un millénaire,
Avoir contrecarré des dizaines de tentatives d'invocation et de mise en esclavage,
Il y a toujours un moment où on fait une connerie dans un rituel...
Ma tête, je peux faire avec.
Le vrai souci en vérité...
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Mar 12 Juin - 14:08
Below the water, everything was swaying.
Bob dropped itself off Coi, making a sound of “dooooon” and floated after the calm silenced the green-blue wave…
It looked down at the button of water and raised its small hand to hi her. Anhydre couldn’t wave back even though she was thirst to do that. Instead, she smiled back. Their coming wasn’t a pure coincidence, she guessed and according to its funny brothers, it probably also had an amused talent and was assigned by Behekine… She pretty liked them anyway.
How to let them know I cannot move?
Unable to move meant she couldn’t escape on her own. Then, every hope was on them… While her thought stocking at the ways to transform herself, the water tilted. No! It was the space. The space was sinking, from the wall Coi stood. Although it was in a slow motion, it was hard to say it wouldn’t overturn in one second after getting the whole weight of water.
Through Bob’s look, she could slightly feel it knew something and was connecting with someone, Behekine?
She’d better do something. At least, let them know what her inability was. A small hand stretched into the water and wanted to hold her. Howeverrrrr, she couldn’t hold it. As if there were no muscle or nerve inside her limb, not to mention speaking, Anhydre stayed motionless instead.
“The space you’re in will soon collapse. I can maintain it for now, but not for long. I suggest you grab Bob fast and brace yourselves… I’ll reel you out of here.”
Turning herself into a pile of sand was only solution she could come up with but one stuck point- no wind. Under no wind situation, she was unable to loose herself off the body figure. The same situation as that evening she encountered in Behekine’s room…

That evening! Someone
That evening! Was
That evening! There, too.
Anhydre soon turned her gaze on
And knocked her head on the ground.

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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Re: Not Anymore.

le Mar 12 Juin - 17:38
After everything calm down- water no longer crushing in, the fragment of wall stopping falling down, the clear mind returning back- Coi made several times of sure of seeing whether he had fallen asleep or not…
No, not in a dream!
Bob released itself on his head once everything got a bit of still and back to the water again silently.
Oh my God… I was done!
Closing the eyes, he felt really annoyed now.
His sensibility told him to hit himself on the wall while his reason stopped him. Fist was in an empty anger. So far, since he born, no one dare to touch him without his consent, even a simply brush. And this guy… this small creature… this mini mist…had just touched him TWICE in a day without any asking. One was during the fight and the other was present. Behind that kiss was out of good intention he knew, which made him more “damned”. With its innocent look and kind heart, Coi failed to have too much blame on it but it didn’t know how broken-down he felt at all.
It just didn’t know and would never understand!
Foam on his head soon flew lines of water into his mouth. Either the water spirit or saliva, he buried his head into the water directly, SWANG, quite like a dog shedding water off after a shower. Coi scratched the hair and washed the face as “clean” as possible. Suddenly, a feeling of backward nearly slid him down…
Am I going to sleep again?
However, the fact was that water gradually rose up to his chest. The room was tilting! He soon searched his glance on Bob and Anhydre. Thanks to their appearance, he knew they had been aware of sinking. Bob gave out its small hand toward him…in its unblinking look, asked him to hold its hand….
Due to the small body, it was unable to focus on the both side, especially another one was under the water. Thankfully, it went to Anhydre first. However, something consistently went through its body, like shocks, tugging its shape.
What’s wrong with it? Behekine?
Then, it turned to him…
Looking into its eyes, a similar question was thrown to him: What’s wrong with her? Its confusion was also his. Only the stare there, since he saw her, without any move.
The emergent moment was pushing further as Behekine’s voice came:
“The space you’re in will soon collapse. I can maintain it for now, but not for long. I suggest you grab Bob fast and brace yourselves…I’ll reel you out of here.”
She couldn’t move?
Coi looked at her. Only his guess.
Next moment, to his surprise-
Anhydre knocked her head on the ground.

A hint or an answer?
One knock for yes. Two knocks for no…
No, how could she know my thought? OR…

This time, Coi seemed to know what happened after tracing back his memory. If he wasn’t mistaken, at that evening, Anhydre couldn’t get out of Behekine’s house because of lacking of wind, which stuck her. Behekine had blocked the wind before taking the shower and that was why at that moment, the masked man sent him into the house. Now she knocked her head…block?!
Certainly, he had no any difficulty in crafting wind but concerning in masked man’s body, he was afraid the man might know where they were or find out there was not only Anhydre. BUT, more to think was tilting… the space really in forced. Behekine was outside there holding the collapse, if they didn’t catch up time…that would be NEVER.
Not to lose any second, he grabbed Bob’s hand straightly and tight, hoping the strength wouldn’t hurt it…because in next moment, he used another hand gave a slight twist downward in the air.
Wind was immediately in form and drew in lots of water. Not in a tornado way but a typhoon style. Aiming the center of mini typhoon at her, which was clam, peaceful and windless while beside was super strong wind around, in order not to disturb the sand arrange, Coi ended it once Anhydre was really in a pile of sand, in a pyramid shape.

So now… should I collect them?

Just about to draw a cloth or something else…
Bob tapped his hand with the other and 
gave him
a “back soon” mission nod.

Then, he let it go.
Wait for Bob with an opening palm.

Coi had compromised anyway
Maybe, to Bob.
Maybe, to his fate.
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Mer 13 Juin - 2:14
Bob understood when Coi used his magic to make a small typhoon and turn the sand-girl into a pyramid of sand.
She couldn't move on her own.
She needed their help to get out.
They just needed something to carry her and take her back with them, when Behekine would pull them out of this space...
But they had nothing to contain her with. He was the only one who was entirely in this room, the boy and the sand-girl being here as ghosts... and Bob was not really a physical being either.
What would his brothers do ?

Suddenly, Bob got an idea - which showed in his form with a small flash of light within his head  - turned to the boy to show that he knew what to do, and let go of his hand, before stepping closer to the more-sand-than-girl.
Crouching down and bringing his muzzle close to the sand, as if he wanted to smell her...
He opened his mouth and started to chow down on her !
Nom !
Nom !
Nom !
Bob ate all the sand after a few seconds, taking it all inside his mouth like a starving wolf. But he swallowed nothing, keeping it all in his cheeks, who bulged from the mass inside. He even used his tongue to lick the floor clean of all traces of sand, making sure he forgot nothing.
The small summon didn't know if he could take the sand-girl deeper inside his form, by swallowing her, or what would happen if he did, but he somewhat guessed she wouldn't want him to test it right now.

The tugging on the link he shared with Behekine was becoming more insistent now, and the spasms within his shape were turning more violent too.
The room started tilting again, the floor not far from being a wall now.
Taking a second to put the sand-girl in the right spot inside his mouth - she tasted weird ! - Bob rushed to grab the hand the boy was still holding up for him.
He took it between his own two hands and squeezed tight. He leaned forward, over the boy's hand, and... stopped.
Bob was immobile, his eyes unblinking gazing vacantly into space. With his cheeks full of the sand-girl, he almost looked like a hamster.
A praying one, with his hands held together like that.

Then, after a few seconds, a current appeared within the light in his chest ; it went in circles, faster and faster, and expanded into an oval of shimmering mist.
Dong !
The sound came from within Bob, as the light became painfully bright, circling inward like a whirlpool.
Dong !
The circle inside Bob opened, revealing a tunnel, leading to even brighter light.
Dong !
A fragment of time later, the tunnel sucked the boy inside.
Into the mist.
Into the light.
The Tear of the Stars...

Bob disappeared from the space within the masked-man, with a weird sound :


This spell was tricky.
Turning an emotionnal link into an "Ariadne's thread" between two dimensionnal pockets... it required a lot of concentration from Behekine.
Even if he was getting used to weird rituals and time-space modifications - it was not something he did every day though - he felt like his brain was tying itself into a knot from the strange wordings he had to use in his incantation.
No time to test it beforehand, he could feel the space pocket the three were in starting to lose its integrity.

The Demon tugged again on the link, felt it slightly... heavier.
He released the spell.
On the water surface, mist appeared and started to go in circles, drawing a small oval. A portal that opened on the calm, reflective water.
In his mind, he felt several threads like hands go and grab the link he shared with Bob. They pulled on it, hard, like a fisherman does to reel up a big fish.
Something was starting to come up the link. With a weird incantation, Behekine bound the portal to his emotional link, for there was no exit if they kept going through something as ethereal as the link he had with one of his summons.

A shimmer of light. Then...
Bob got thrown out of the portal, jumping a few feet into the air, before rolling above the water, stopping in a sitting position just below Behekine's face that observed him with worry.
The frail summon lifted his head to meet the Demon's gaze, opened his mouth as if he had to expel something, then he tilted his head to the side.
He was still shining from the inside, full of the energy the potion gave him when he drank it.
Behekine smiled, reassureed to see that his summon was visibly alright.
The childs, though... were they able to come back as well ?

He turned to look at the two inconscious bodies that his other three summons were still holding above water.
Itchy, Bitey and Scratchy cheered him, happy too to see their brother safe.
Screechy was moving with the current in the background.
"Screeeeeeeeeee !"

On a beau avoir étudié la magie pendant près d'un millénaire,
Avoir contrecarré des dizaines de tentatives d'invocation et de mise en esclavage,
Il y a toujours un moment où on fait une connerie dans un rituel...
Ma tête, je peux faire avec.
Le vrai souci en vérité...
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Ven 15 Juin - 3:18
Coi stared at Bob’s back, sight following it without any blink. He was CURIOUS about what it would do. Maybe, Behekine had sent it magical power or it intended to use its own mist spirit, something except for the “sleeping touch.” Trust it, doubtlessly.
Bob walked close to Anhydre and squatted… like a detective investigating the case. However, next moment- its solution totally blew his mind far and far away- He looked at it in surprise. Heart gave a big leap; body gave a shocking tremble; goose bumps jumped on his skin ….Bob ATE the sand.
Nom! What!
Nom! The!
Nom! Hell!
Coi swallowed hard while looking at Bob.

It seemed Bob really enjoyed having a big meal in this space. Eat the sand one bite after another.
A sudden moment, his reflex action was to go forward and stop it but… leftover?!… wasn’t a good idea, either. It was impossible to stop halfway.

Does Bob know it’s Anhydre.?
Does it have any digest organ inside its body?
Won’t it feel hard to swallow or chock because the mouth was too dry?

One thought flashed on: Hang it upside down and keep patting to force it to throw up!

Just when Coi moved forward, he saw its two sides full check. Suddenly, he got its point… Bob didn’t swallow her but put her inside the mouth!
No word could give a proper description for Bob’s behavior or for Coi’s present feel. Surprise, astonish, admire, awesome? Far much to either of them…Bob IMPRESSED him. In order not to miss any particle, Bob licked the ground, as if a little child licking the plate, again and again.
The space started to tilt once again and this time moved faster and more tilt. Coi touched the “floor” to strike a balance and stretched out his hand forward to reach shaking Bob. Seeing its ball-shaped cheeks, he felt the urge to give a big clasp toward them. It would be definitely an very interesting scene IF he could do that.
“You are Mouthy not Bob.”
Bob looked at him and shook its head a bit.
Then, they handed together. Like prayers, Bob closed its eyes and so did Coi. He bowed his head toward Bob, calming down his mind. They clenched tightly… in the dark, not to lose each other. Through its little hands, burning one, he could feel a mighty power. Despite of closing eyes, the bright light still went through his eyes made him frown to against it. Unlike falling in sleep paralysis, a circle and circle light halo rounded in his front, like getting into a time channel… Another dizzy feeling! From yellow to lemon yellow to yolk yellow to ivory to pale yellow to primrose and then-
WHITE. Sunshine white.
PLOP. if being launched as a bullet, flying in the sky.
Light, both of weight and brightness.
Getting out of darkness and entering a bright world really hurt his eyes. Suddenly, a PUNCH. He felt himself was thrown to the ground heavily. Go blank for a while.
Few minutes later, he moved his fingers, rolled his eyes, raised his eyebrows and licked his lip to feel the world he came back. A sandy touch jumped him up, sitting him as if jumping out of nightmare. He opened the eyes immediately.
The first sight was Behekine. He put his full gaze on him, and then four summons, lighted Bob, Anhydre the last…
Now he realized what happened to three of them, no, FOUR would be precise. Anhydre was still in coma… while Bob’s cheek was back to normal but still like a lantern or light bulb(Bob), sending out the blue light.
He smiled again at Bob. He would never forget this small creature, semi-enemy and semi-friend. Touch and Smile, two things were he came to compromise for it.
Coi stood up slowly and looked at Behekine and Bob:
“Thanks, bro and you, little soul carrier.”
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Ven 15 Juin - 16:22
Will he know what I mean?
Anhydre. paused for a while, regarding herself as a fool knocking the head on the ground. As she pushed harder on herself in thinking another way to hint them before the space really turned over, a strong wind swept up around her body. Typhoon!
Coi made it! Perhaps, a stalker could do a favor if he wasn’t on your opposite side. The powerful wind like a wind washing machine, twirling around…. Not in a minute, she was out of human shape and because of the speed, she got into an unclear state. Never would she know, a pyramid she end up being…
Except for consciousness, she was quite clear in her sense. The sensation wasn’t messed up due to the well-organized sand order.
STILL. Motionless…
She could feel part of herself were like on the cloud or cutton candy, soft and fluffy while the other part still on the hard ground, pain and tough. However, with time passing by, more and more herself squeezing in until there was no any solid feeling. Completed. What the hell? Flossy as the place she stayed was, it didn’t drop her, as if there were a big hand propping down below, giving her a sense of security.
A stir. Wait, Tongue?
Failing to examine… she fell into a sound deep sleep.
In the sleep, what she could only feel from the outside was SPEED.
The faster the speed became, the lighter she felt herself but more pain placed on her. It was as painful as pupa struggling to get out of its cocoon and as hard as opening the door of elevator, which was about to close up. Sandwiched between two side of black magic, she nearly used up all her sand element power to tear it apart and draw herself out…
That feeling was like… skin torn up from the flesh without anesthesia or several nails torn off fingers in a second. Potion, blood-like, sprang out. Deep and hurtful wounds revealed. Again and again…However, every time the skin-peeled goddamn pain screaming inside her, she got more sand-color than before.
The price of fading her hair color- black- into the original one was like thousands of hands pulling the scalp. Goshhhhhhh…. As for eyes, instead of being pierced like before, they rolled themselves in a fast speed automatically, searching the right color among the color plate.
What made her ache to scream out was the sigil on her arm. The sand wanted to fill up the sigil but it burned as if she were truly standing among the fire, tortured by the damn scorching temperature.
Anhydre. roared, not in a beast way but in a baby shrieking way…..
Her left palm was out of control again. It was exactly the same symptom as that one in the panther-man’s house. A strong power forced her hand to clench into fist… but after learning from the last lesson, she followed it instead. Without putting much more strength to against it, the ache of spasm didn’t get so serious but it was still painful enough to be worth of yelling out.
Once she fisted…everything turned back to normal, her clothes, skin, hair, eyes and even voice a bit. Different from the former self… she felt sand inside her body was rearranged, lighter and firmer. It was the same brand-new feeling, that one after the WAVE.
Eventually, Anhydre opened her eyes. The first sight was the summons on her body. Apparently, her body had been “washed” by WAVE because of the sign of scratch on her body. They did protect her. Tickling Itchy, she laughed. It was amused and flipped down to the sea… It was now that she realized she was “on the sea”
Hurried to stand up but fell to water again because of her missing step…
Swallowing lot of water, in order not to get drowned, she held a spine stuck on the sand and balanced her. WATER.
She saw her hand “held” a pole and backward a few steps…couldn’t believe it was true. HOLD.
Her firm body and new arrangement! She saw Coi look at her in curiosity-
“Thank you.”
She gave him a big smile, and then surprising sand was poured on his face, not a strong one.
“And all you guys.”
Looking at those summons, sand splashed on their face too.
She turned her gaze on panther-man:
“P…panther-man, That wave… It’s you made, right?”
A firm sight on Behekine.
Her finger rounded the sea.
It was so soft and clean, flowing between her fingers.
No pain, no ache, no death…
A water splash on panther-man’s face, Anhydre. laughed again.
Yeah, she made it.

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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Re: Not Anymore.

le Sam 16 Juin - 23:43
After a minute or two, the boy woke up, soon standing by himself and... smiling ?
Behekine was surprised to see the most vindicative of his two agressors smile warmly while looking at Bob. It was a nice change, after the sneers he got from the boy, but an unexpected one.
What exactly happened inside this space ? The Demon got an impression of it via the link he had with his summon, but the details eluded him.
Still, his tail swished slowly from side to side, showing his curiosity.
The few words that came out of the boy's mouth made him stop instantly :

- Bro ? Even if it's an improvement over you using my name recklessly, I'm afraid we are not to the point of little nicknames like "bro." You should at least wait for a day in which you have not tried to kill me before calling me that.

It sounded a bit harsh, but there was the hint of a smile on his face and warmth in his eyes, even if it was hard to read. There was also his choice of words : he wasn't dismissing the possibility of being enough at ease with Coi and share "nicknames" one day.
Just... today wouldn't do.
Bob still took the compliment with joy, even slightly bowing to the boy, before turning back and climbing Behekine's head to perch himself like a children on his neck. A shining children made of mist, with unblinking and eerie eyes. Cute.

The other three summons were still holding the sand-girl above the water, and they too seemed surprised to see the boy act all nice.
Screechy was... still a dozen of meters away, trying to swim toward them in the now calm water, but couldn't advance due to his misty body. That didn't stop him from trying though.
Suddenly, a scream.
A shriek.
Of Pain.
Coming from the sand-girl, whose skin was tearing apart like a shell.
Her outer self seemed to just melt away from her, revealing underneath the girl Behekine met in a room a while ago.

Itchy, Bitey and Scratchy retreated a little from the screaming girl, before coming back to inspect her once the transformation ended, like curious kittens. She woke up suddenly, and instantly went to tickle Itchy, surprising him and making him fall in the water. Then, she realised where she was, fell in water...
Looking both in shock with the changes in her, and quite happy about it.
Her laugh - and the scene - was contagious, and Behekine started to laugh too, the sound booming on the beach :

- Yes, it was me. It worked apparently, even if I might have overdone it a little. This color better suits you, though.

He saw with his vision spell that she had been changed deeply with the purification water, her aura was sturdier, the elements of sand and wind within her core more balanced together. Water was no more a problem for her. And she happily took advantage of this, by playfully throwing water at the Demon's face.
First taken aback by the childish move, Behekine half-growled with a mischievous grin :

- You play a dangerous game, child.

Behekine retaliated, swishing his tail around using it like she did use her hand to send water her way, in a much bigger quantity.

On a beau avoir étudié la magie pendant près d'un millénaire,
Avoir contrecarré des dizaines de tentatives d'invocation et de mise en esclavage,
Il y a toujours un moment où on fait une connerie dans un rituel...
Ma tête, je peux faire avec.
Le vrai souci en vérité...
Ce sont les boules de poils.
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Mar 19 Juin - 9:32
Coi was pretty surprised at himself for calling Behekine bro after words flowing out from his mouth by accident. It sounded quite weird. However, he knew he would do the same thing even if chances restarted itself again. “Thanks” was too simple to fully express his appreciation and admiration to Behekine…
After all, what brought them together was a misunderstanding killing. Surely, he had plenty of choices and reasons not to save Anhydre and him. Nevertheless, he chose the other way. Perhaps… this was what Coi thought of “bro” in his mind, something just like this.
For reply, he was well-prepared for anything harsh or unpleasant from Behekine. He might not accept and scold him for his rude “bro.” but it didn’t matter. Accept or not, appreciation was what he wanted to say.
Even say so…. He still strung up his ear as soon as the first word came. Literal meaning gave him a tough lecture while the more he digested, the more interesting he felt it was.
So-called Behekine style.
The key word- at least. At least.
Behekine didn’t exclude the possibility of sharing nickname with him, just not today and not bro. Coi narrowed his eyes, seeing a sign of warmth revealing through Behekine’s small eyes, a hideous one. As its owner, Bob shyly climbed up his neck, as if it were a shiny necklace and stared at him. Few hours ago, he came to give him the last breath, but now, they faced each other like a comrade… ILLOGICAL.
Suddenly, a shriek jumped him out of his thought. Anhydre… nearly forgot her.
She seemed to be caught in a demon torture. Yell, shout, and scream. Everyone’s eyes were on her. Coi covered up his ear, not to be deafened by her high pitch. Obviously, this time, only she could save herself. It was a hard battle between her and the masked man. From the painful look, he highly doubted the masked man used the magic to seal her true self under the black suits and different color of eyes so melting all away would be really tormenting.
A fist. A fatal punch.
Finally, she opened her eyes, returning back to herself, the one who was afraid of darkness, the yellow one. He suddenly aware everything had been changed dramatically in this morning. Totally changed. Totally not as they expected.
In the water!
How could she stay in the water?!
Just as he wanted to go up and drag her to the sand land, she had been fallen down in two times on her own… but nothing happened. She was alive.
A sand splash came to his face all of a sudden. The particles hit him itchy and made him unable to open the eyes. He washed his face AGAIN.
What the hell. It’s the way to express her “thank you”?
So called Anhydre style.
Spitting out the sand in his mouth… it tasted weird.
Does Bob know that? Or maybe, it’s the reason why Bob didn’t swallow it.
The wave.
Anhydre mentioned the wave.
Now, he got the whole point for why Bob would squeeze itself in the corner and launch itself before tons of water following up. It probably knew the wave was approaching… so “bubbling” and protection…
Spit. Sand out. Spit, spi..spit.
What’s more, from Behekine’s answer, the wave seemed to be a cure for Anhydre. Wave purified her, removing the potion inside her, which was mentioned in the interrogation. A round story, he hardly believed himself was also included… everything connected with each other.
So after the wave, a water-proof Anhydre. poof!
Watching Anhydre throw a sudden splash on Behekine’s face… childish! She was the real one he peeped in the chimney.
Then, coming from the sky, a pour of water showered them… A TAIL OF WATER as if they were in the amusement park. Everyone immersed in such joyful atmosphere. However, while sinking in their own laugh and plays, someone opened the eyes.
As Coi moved forward and wanted to raise Scratchy up to catch the water Anhydre stir up, something stroked his left calf. Outch! He looked back and down to his calf, he found a small creature- Scratchy. Then, turning back and looked in front- Scratchy.
Two! The same one!
Coi then gave the back one a skillful back kick, sending it to the shore.
Not far away, behind Anhydre’s back, the water grew up another creature- Itchy. There, he saw a slightly differences… The copied ones all had buck teeth.

“Watch out!”

Coi soon snapped to slow down its movement and fast drew a board, throwing at P-itchy, who was about to shoot spines to Anhydre from its back. The copies had exactly the same ability as Behekine’s summons.
Three more!
On the sand land, the same spot P-Scratchy fell at, P-Bitey appeared and ran toward them in a fast speed. It seemed to have an invisible potion pipe stretching out underground and “grew” them up suddenly. Coi crafted a strong wind…
P-Scratchy. P-Itchy. P-Bitey.
“Hahahaha… Gonna be an exciting games huh. Good boys. Let’s kick it off!”
The masked man now stood up and walked in an imbalanced way.
P-Screechy and P-Bob followed behind his back.
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Re: Not Anymore.

le Mar 19 Juin - 16:40
The panther-man then swung his tail and rose up a heaven of shower. WET. No one was excluded. The happiness and laugh grew to even greater heights. Summons seemed to feel it’s a right thing to have fun so they made water fly in the air in their own way.
Bitey filled its jaw with lots of water and then…..booooooo….. shot it out continuously.
Scratchy waved its hands up and down, having a circle of splash around itself.
Itchy had sit-up to slosh water with its back spine and rounded itself in different directions to make sure no places were ignored.
Back away, Screechy "screeeeeeeed" the surface of water. Continual frequency vibrated the water.
They were in full amused, so was Anhydre. The first time touching water was playing water. Quite memorable!
Wearing a sunshine-like smile, she was eager to stop the time, at this moment, at this happy moment. Seeing Béhékine and Coi's look, she got to let them know how enjoyable this time was.

Water moved back and forth…Anhydre kicked, patted, waved, turned around. SPLASH!
However, as she gave a still glance at her reflection in water… a sound:
Watch out!
Without turning back, through the reflection, she saw Itchy jumped high and was going to attack her with its back spine… Wait!
She soon threw herself into water.…
Doesn't it play with them? the sit-up one.
But nothing came. Then, she stood up. Staying in water for such a short time, she saw another two summons were on the sand.
Until now, she realized there were not only five summons… Why?
The question soon got the answer once the masked man's voice came. It's he made another five "fakes".
With P-Bob and P-Screechy behind, the masked man looked like he was a hero or a real demon but he was simply a fucker, a true one.
Seeing him, she was afraid kill wouldn't satisfy her hatred to him! No way to compensate her hurt. NEVER!
Thankfully, the panther-man had left him to let them, three of them, decide how he would be in the end. She would like to cut his flesh piece by piece… or threw him into a paper shredder, watching him scream and ask for help.
He looked very different, in a poor way than before. Maybe, the panther-man had given him a harsh punishment during her coma. Old, dry and skinny… so ridiculous lament. However, his viciousness didn't drop a bit.

As soon as the words had ended, those fakes were like losing mind creatures, going crazing... rushing around as if they were detecting signal sign...
Suddenly, they all ran toward them savagely while the masked man stood at the original position. He smiled in evil satisfaction, seeing after the "fakes" dashing to them like hungry peck of wolves.
Looking back, she found P-Scratchy had been overpowered by Scratchy. Its claws put on the P' s neck... waiting for another commend from Béhékine.

Anhydre fisted secretly in back, a hard clench.…
Combining with the wind Coi made, the coastline started to sink down. She sucked the sand inside her body.
After the whole fakes peck cross the line, it soon turned out to be hollow, a deep, endless and black seam, which could completed separate the "fakes" from the masked-man.
The masked man had no possibility to come here, so did the facks go back because she had changed the normal sand into "anti-potion" sand.
She was pleasant to see what would happen if any of them overpassesed the invisible line… probably bye forever.

From digging to mending up only took few seconds, she didn't know whether anyone noticed.

Final fight was kicked off.

Nor white, neither black,
Coming by and slipping out,
Gone was she you'd know,
Later when the wind set out.

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Re: Not Anymore.

Hier à 0:21
Behekine almost drowned them all with the water thrown by a mere flick of his tail, but what was he supposed to do ? Not participate in this moment of childish joy ? He was old, yes, that was actually another reason for him to get involved ; he was old enough to still be a child when he chose to !
His summons partook in the game too, each with their own way of doing things.
Even Bob, still riding on the Demon's neck like a child, was moving from one side to the other, in rythm with the water projectiles flying in the air.

The sudden apparition of the potion clones took them all by surprise, even Behekine but, thanks to Coï's reaction and Scratchy who jumped on his "evil" twin, none got hurt from the initial opportunistic attack.
The Demon understood what was happening a second before noticing the masked-man back on his feet a few meters away, copies of Bob and Screechy on his side : it was a coward plan, but needed if the man wanted to even the numbers. Still, using this potion again when he knew that Behekine could destroy it with purification water... maybe he had his back on the wall now, and grabbed every options he could find...
To be honest, the purification water was diluted on all the beach's surface and sand now, so the clones were unaffected by it, and Behekine certainly had not enough time on his claws to make a fresh batch of it.

The best way to get rid of the puppets was to get rid of the puppet-master.
Their buck teeths were ugly anyway.
Behekine let his summons act on their own to battle against their counterparts, sensing they had no need for directions or orders. And indeed, after a few seconds, they all intecepted one of the clones and were fighting like dogs right above the water, slowly going farther from the four living beings.
Screechy had found out that he could walk right above the surface, instead of trying to swim, and had ran toward his twin at full speed, ramming into him with an excited "Screeeeee !" and sending the two of them rolling on the waves.
All were fighting, except Bob, who was... not on his head anymore ? Behekine looked around, and discovered the frail summon several feet away from him, walking toward the battle. When did Bob leave his side ? He felt no movement at all !

Then, Anhydre separated them for good, using her powers over the sand and the wind conjured by Coï to form an intangible wall, which Behekine's enhanced eyes saw full of what was left of the purification water. An invisible frontier... who would cause the clones real harm if they ever tried to cross it !
Behekine chuckled. Clever girl...
The fight was down to three versus one then.
Fair enough.
A growl formed in the Demon's throat as he turned his gaze to the masked-man. A powerful rumble, emanating from his chest, making the water tremble around him in waves. When he spoke, the growl made his words hard to decipher :

- I won't be gentle this time. If you want to be the ones that kill him, I suggest you attack first.

On his vision's side, he noticed that the fight between his summons and their clones had... changed.
All five of them were standing in front of their twin made of potion.
Itchy and p-Itchy were fighting alright, using one spine like spear and sword, thy moved like martial artists during a demonstration of their skills, exchanging clashs or barely dodging every attacks.
Bitey and p-Bitey were standing in front of each other. And Bitey was beatboxing like he never beatboxed. Once he finished, he made a hand gesture toward his potion twin, and p-Bitey started beatboxing. A beatbox fight.
Scratchy and p-Scratchy were sitting cross-legged, facing each other too. And they were humming a simple lullaby in rythm with their hand moves : clapping together, high-five, left, right, up and down slaps, and again, faster and faster. A child's game of marabou.
Screechy and p-screechy were... dancing in front of each other, going crazy on a music only them could hear. Of course, they were screaming too, every few seconds, the "Screeeeee !" adding emphase to some of their most flashy moves. A dance contest.
Finally, Bob and P-bob. sat close to each other, staring into their respective eyes. Unmoving. Unblinking. The black orbs that were their eyes were like two onyx gems. A staring contest.

The growl within Behekine's throat died from seeing the peculiar spectacle.
They were fighting. Technically.
So unpredictable...

- They are good copies. Delivered with all accessories...
Alright, enough of this nonsense...

Behekine straightened his pose and faced the masked-man before opening his mouth.
He breathed in.
Magic pulsed from his body, vibrating the air.
A blue light appeared at the tip of his horns and soon, an electric arc sparkled within the two, crackling in the air.
From within his throat came a warmer glow, which revealed itself as a blue-ish flame that exuded from the Demon's mouth.
His posture tensed and, suddenly, the electricity moving between his horns, surged inward to go hit the flame, which instantly grew both in size and intensity, even turning more visquous...

Manipulating and fusing fire and thunder magic to create the new plasma element... Behekine was still not used to the way of making it work perfectly. But his powers held the chaotic spell pretty well ; sheer force fueled by anger able to take the place of mastey and finesse.
Still, once he felt that the plasma was becoming unbearable to hold, he channeled another spell, and gave it a way to get free from his maw : a tunnel of air, pointing straightly at the masked-man.
The plasma fire shot out like a beam of heated destruction, an explosion following a small corridor, rushing and fizzling to their foe.
The water below the ray of magic turned to steam instantly.

If this connected to the masked-man, he would surely become a mere cloud of ionised particles...


On a beau avoir étudié la magie pendant près d'un millénaire,
Avoir contrecarré des dizaines de tentatives d'invocation et de mise en esclavage,
Il y a toujours un moment où on fait une connerie dans un rituel...
Ma tête, je peux faire avec.
Le vrai souci en vérité...
Ce sont les boules de poils.
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Re: Not Anymore.

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